1. Do IJRES provide certificate to all authors ?

Ans. Yes, E-certificates are issued to each author without extra fee.

2. Who can join IJRES as editorial board member ?

Ans. Researcher having qualification with Ph.D. and experience in research can join as editorial board member for IJSET.

3. How many pages are allowed in a research paper ?

Ans. Maximum 15 Pages are allowed

4. What are the page settings for IJRES ?

Ans. Setting are :
1. Paper Title : Times New Roman,16 point, Bold, double spaced.
2. Author affiliation: 12 point, Bold, Times new roman.
3. Headings: Times New Roman, 12 point, Bold,1.15 line space.
4. Subheading: Times New Roman, 10 point,Bold,1.15 line space.
5. Text: Times New Roman, 10 point,1.15 line space.
References with URL for cross reference
Page setup: Full research paper (only 15 pages) must be in 2 columns only with margin Top-Down 0.7 and Left-Right 0.5

5. Is IJRES having own template ?

Ans. Yes, Click here to Download

6. How many authors are allowed in a paper ?

Ans. Maximum 3 Authors are allowed.

7. Is IJRES is publishing proceeding or souvenir ?

Ans. Yes.

8. Is IJRES organize to Event / Conference / Workshop organizer ?

Ans. Yes.


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